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by Tessera Games

About 5 minutes

2 players

This geeky card game is based on the boolean logic.

Ages 10+

Published 2009

From the publisher's website:

The bOOleO Card Game finally is a card game for true geeks. No more patiences with jack, queen and king: Instead boolean gates with 1, 0, AND and OR have to be laid out. Two opposing players have to complete a pyramid consisting of ANDs, ORs and XORs which have to be added to a given row of bits using logically correct moves. Additionally, you have to keep an eye on the pyramid of your opponent because it can be sabotaged with the dreaded NOT-card. Thrill and interaction are guaranteed in the bOOleO Card Game! Especially interesting for computer science students: The bOOleO Card Game is of course also perfect to learn and practise the rules of boolean logic.

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