Mafia de Cuba

Mafia de Cuba
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by Lui-Même

About 10 minutes

6 - 12 players

The board game where it's never been harder to be honest

Ages 10+

Published 2015

From the publisher's website:

At the end of the meal offered to his “loyal” henchmen, Don Alessandro evokes current “business” when the phone from the restaurant’s back room rings… Called to President Batista’s office, the Godfather is forced to hand his precious cigar box to his henchmen for safekeeping… Mafia de Cuba is a party game for all, which can be played quickly, and be played anywhere! The player who is embodying the Godfather hands his cigar box and its precious contents to the other players. In turn, each player can steal the Godfather’s diamonds or take a character token. A player hides what they have taken in their pocket before passing the box on to the next player. Once the box has made it once around the table, the Godfather recovers the box and questions the players to find the culprits. If the Godfather thinks they’ve found a thief, he will make them empty their pockets! If the Godfather recovers all 15 diamonds, they win! Be careful, the Godfather must only accuse the thieves. False accusations will bring about the Godfather’s elimination!

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